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Production Art, Reference Sheets, Storyboards and more!

ポケットモンスターアニメ 製作 用資料・設定資料・絵コンテなど
Pokemon Production Art Portal
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Welcome to my collection of Electric Pokemon production artwork! Unlike my Episode 14 cels and sketches, these are not original pencil drawings or paintings. These are studio-only copies of reference materials the animators use to create the show. These are not released outside the studio, and some are nearly impossible to get. I continue to collect as many of these pieces as I can and will continue to share them for every fan who visits! Enjoy this look into the world of creating the Pokemon anime.

Electric Pokemon Design Pages!
Brand new! Electric Gym Leader Clemont's design page was featured in the new Official Complete Guidebook for Pokemon XY. Amazing and cute!

The City and Gym associated with the region's main electric trainer also had some concept art shown off at an event in November 2013.
Thanks to Dengeki Online for the photographs I edited these images from!

These are some of the original design pages for Zekrom and Shimama featuring drawings by Ken Sugimori himself!
These were exclusives in the "Pokemon Pia" magazine released on Sept. 10th, 2010. Click for bigger images.

Electric Pokemon Reference Sheets (settei)!
These are your generic "settei", reference sheets that are handed out to animators when one of these Pokemon is to show up in the anime! I hope to one day own all of the Electric Pokemon settei. Not a bad start, is it? Some Pokemon have seperate reference pages, which I have included below. Any pages that are photocopied anime shots of a Pokemon attacking are animator's references for drawing specific attacks (even if it is not the Pokemon in the image attacking)!


(i apologize for the poor quality of raikou-bot!)

i'm missing reference sheets of:
magnezone, magneton (movie 11 settei lot would do it! :D)
the six rotoms
the rest of the BW pokemon...
all of the XY pokemon.
if you ever see these around, do let me know!

Gym Battle AG40 Storyboard!
ポ ケモンAG アニメ40話 絵コンテ
I own a complete 122 page storyboard for AG Episode #40, the Gym Battle with Wattson! A storyboard is a very rough, quickly drawn "image script" for the episode.
I plan to scan all of the pages.... eventually! Until then, patience, and a teaser!

Height Charts!
Some height comparison charts from a few anime episodes that starred some adorable Electric Pokemon!
Click for bigger sizes.

And from the Legend of Thunder, Raikou's movie! I apologize for the poor quality, as I do not actually own it.
It was just too awesome a chart to pass up even though I only found a small image of it.

Luxray, Luxio and Shinx Special Pages!
These are studio copies of some sketches used in Movie 10, during the garden scene when all the Pokemon fight!

Thunder Fang attack reference sheet with Luxray!

And Iron Tail as well!

This is a studio copy of a sketch used in PMDP episode 59, "The Eyes of Luxray".
There is a much messier version with the full background pasted on which you can see if you click the image!

And this is Marble from the same episode, the young Officer Jenny in training whose partner is a defective Luxray that cannot use electric attacks.

PS: Don't miss these, they are on a seperate page!
Pichu Brothers Genga/Douga!

There is always more to come as I gather more production artwork.
Thanks for looking at my collection! I'm happy I could share it with you!

Pokemon Production Art Portal
[ raichu cels, sketches, art | electric | nagisa, miare | bw!, other ]